Thursday 1 March 2012


We had a Fforganiser meeting last Saturday.  Well, I use the term 'we' in the widest possible sense, because I wasn't there.  I had the plague a bit of a nasty cold and I didn't want to cause an epidemic among my ffellow fforganisers.  So I stayed at home and felt sorry for myself whilst the rest of them enjoyed cheese and marmite paninis and decided on all the things they didn't want to do and could delegate to me.  I'm sure that they were far more efficient in my absence though as Iwasn't there to drag them all off topic.

Obviously I can't really tell you what was discussed, but I need to get my finger out!  If you already have your tickets I think that Gill will be sending out a draft timetable to whet your appetite soon.... and if you haven't already got tickets you need to buy them - it all looks jolly good fun!