Sunday 6 April 2014

Ooooh, look, a Zombie blog!

Dead for ages and now come back to life!  BRAINS! BRAIIIIINS!

I bet you all thought I'd forgotten this blog, or at least given up on it, didn't you?

Well, if I'm honest I don't suppose any of you had given it a moment's thought since it last popped up, but I like to think that there was somebody out there waiting for the next post and sighing extravagantly when it failed to appear yet again.

Anyway, the reason I have revived it is because my life as a Fforganiser is about to spring forth renewed!  Or to put it less dramatically today we are having our first  Fforganiser's meeting for the (ffanffare  please) grand tenth anniversary Ffiesta to be held in May 2015.  I'm really looking forward to it- the Ffiesta that is, not the meeting, though I expect that will be ffun too and it will be nice to see everybody again, and indulge in a cheese and marmite panini with my ffellows.   Anyway we will try to make it extra specially extra special, crammed with the return of old ffavourites plus some new things.

One of the best things about the Ffiesta (one of the best things?!  It's all best things) is the way people come back year after year and have made some real ffriendships.  There is a hardy core of us who have attended every one and I think that deserves a medal....

I will report back after my trip to Swindon....

On a related note TJ and I were very excited at the Farmers Market yesterday to spot some lobsters.  We even won a prize (though sadly not for the lobster spotting)


At 6 April 2014 at 18:42 , Blogger Mary Pierce said...

Me, Katie! I live for your blog! ;-)


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