Tuesday, 22 March 2011

T shirt quotes

One of my jobs for the last couple of Ffiestas has been searching out suitable quotes for the Fforganisers T shirts.  As those of you who have been before know we can not only be identified by our harried look and barely suppressed gibbering but by our t shirts with Ffordian quotes on them.  This makes us relatively easy to avoid, or, if you really need to know when human space invaders will take place, where you can find the lyrics for Leaning on a Lampost, or if there is a spare grey wig available for the Danvers Square bashing, they make us easier to spot.

Anyway, it's always fun scouring the books for quotes and I finished doing so last week so that we could sort out who was having what written on their T shirt.  I'm really pleased with mine this year, even though I did change it at the last minute from another quote that I liked almost as much.  I think everybody else is happy with theirs, and we caused much hilarity reading out snippets such as 'I'm taking next Wednesday off to have my beak oiled' and  'What would tigers and a macaroon be doing in an aviation novel?' both of which were (reluctantly) rejected in the end.

I have also found that the t shirts are great ice breakers.  The number of conversations that have been started by somebody staring at my chest in a bemused manner (OK, OK, settle down at the back there please!) and saying 'Where are we going to find a lobotomised monkey at this time of night?' in a very puzzled tone is well into double figures and has kicked off some great discussions.  I wonder if this year's quote will be quite as successful in that respect.!


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