Sunday 10 March 2013

When lives collide....

Blimey, how long has it been since I posted anything in this blog?  Don't think it's because I've forgotten you all, or haven't done anything Ffiesta related.  No it's because, contrary to popular belief, I do have a life that is non-Fforde related.

But not always - every now and then somebody who doesn't know me from the Ffiesta or the Fforum will turn out to be on the periphery of the weirdness that is the Ffiesta, for example; I was on a march (pro NHS) up in London, wearing one of my Fforganiser T shirts (Waiting for the Great Leap Backwards) (which I thought was quite apt) when the person next to me said that she loved the Jasper Fforde quote.  Of course she knows that I am a fan and she likes the books too, so that wasn't too much of a stretch, but a couple of weeks later another friend of mine sent me a text to say that she was on a course with a woman who said she knows me.  It turned out to be a regular attendee at the Ffiesta, and the connection had come out because in the introductions that they had had to make the books of Jasper Fforde and the Ffiesta had been mentioned.  Then there was the occasion when I was at a works related event and the dinner in the evening was 'Wild West' themed.  The chap I was sitting next to was wearing rather an elaborate outfit and so in the course of our conversation I asked him if he often wore fancy dress.  He told me that he was a big Pratchett fan and would dress up at various Discworld event, usually as Rincewind.  We got to talking about books and it turned out he is a big Jasper ffan and is considering coming to the next Ffiesta.  I told him I was sure he will fit right in, as anybody who happily wears an inflatable horse to dinner is sure to find a kindred spirit there!  I also had quite a long conversation with the man on the other side of me about 'Shades of Grey' and I'm sure I don't need to qualify that to you lot by saying 'NOT Fifty Shades of Grey'

Anyway I have been working quite hard on the Ffiesta - do any of you fancy phphilately? This year there will be a stamp collecting element to the Getting to Know You team game.  At least there will if I get my arse in gear and get designs for all of the Kingdoms


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