Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Useless ConStuff

One of the joys of being a Fforganiser is that I get to share my bedroom with a load of strange stuff (oo-er missus) as I have many of the props we use for the Ffiesta cluttering up the place.

Last year I travelled down to Swindon with Marissa and Tyke (Zombie baby, yay!) in a car filled with, among other things, a crate of assorted plastic lobsters, all individually named and labelled, the wonky wheel of fruit, several hundred plastic balls, 10 plastic paddling pools and a suitcase full of t shirts.  Its a good job we didn't have a puncture and need to call out the RAC as I suspect we would have been taken somewhere nice and quiet with padded walls for a rest.  Which would have been quite pleasant actually. 

However this was probably not quite as bizarre as Laura's journey - she travelled from Oxford on the bus with a life-size George Formby cutout.  The things we do to make it a good weekend!

Anyway all of this stuff, together with jigsaws, 'Hosing the Dolly' CDs, programmes, knitted battenburg slices  and a very sinister looking knitted Mrs Danvers (a prototype that didn't quite work out) is now sat at my house waiting to be transported back again.  Ted is already moaning at the prospect of the car being cramped - he had to come down by bus last year and it was 'the worst journey in the world' (I'm not sure Capt Oates would have agreed, but hey ho! - no stamina teenagers today!)

Now I wonder who has the plastic ponchos for the Space Invader Game....


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