Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!

This year we have decided to do something different and have a treasure hunt.  I'm a bit worried about it because we are having it outside and we will be at the mercy of both the weather and of strangers.  However, even if it's piddling down I expect you to remember that this is England, we can cope with a little damp and we can soldier on with our upper lips stiff even if the rest of us is soggy.

Knowing how many of the lobsters went missing last year we are not going to be leaving clues about the place and you won't have to dig or anything to find the treasure, you'll have to come back to me with a list of answers and if you are right, and if you are first, you will win a prize.

Hopefully the weather will be fine and it will be an opportunity to take a pleasant stroll around the hotel and environs.  Or an opportunity to dash around hoping to identify things relating to your surroundings.  All very mysterious.  X marks the spot.


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