Friday, 8 April 2011

Meet the Fforganisers Part 4 - Matt

The Ffiesta has always been lucky with its Treasurers.  Previously we had Jo who always kept the accounts in order and when she (and John) left us for pastures new (abandoned us for New Zealand) we were very worried that we wouldn't be able to find anybody else to do such a good job, but then Matt volunteered and has managed to keep up the same exacting standard.

Matt is a man of many talents, not only can he add up (I hope) he is a dab hand at making things.  From minature croquet lawns complete with tea parties to full range colour swatches the Ffiesta has been the richer for his handiwork.

In his spare time Matt likes to shake a hankie and bells and is leader of his local clog morris group.  He also keeps geese and is hoping to breed one which will lay golden eggs.  So far his finest achievement in this field is a pale yellow egg, which, when aligned with magnetic north, glows a brighter colour.  This may have some use as a compass which can be eaten if you are too badly lost to find civilisation before tea time, but unfortunately this strain has failed to breed true.

Matt has a good stock of aniseed balls and flying saucers for sale if you are interested.


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