Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Meet the Fforganisers Part 7 - Me!

I'm the other original Fforganiser.  Somehow I volunteered to help out.  At the first meeting I mentioned that it might be fun to do an episode of 'Name that Fruit' and Phil said 'Oh, well, you can organise that then!'  So I did.  And I got my dad to build the wonky wheel (though it wasn't originally intended to be wonky, it's just a bit crap!)  and the rest is history.  I also write the quizzes and do some other stuff - mainly to do with lobsters.

If you came last year you will have met my family, including Zombie baby.  Poor child, he's probably mentally scarred for life, but he loved having a fuss made of him.

Interesting facts about me are few and far between, because really I'm a very boring person.  I work in Local Government and am writing a dissertation on Housing Finance. (Told you!)

I used to have a habit of getting bits of my anatomy stuck in things and had to be cut out of an article of clothing by a fireman.  A different fireman had to extricate me from a desk.

I have never run a marathon, but I once knitted a teacosy.


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