Friday, 15 April 2011

Lobster Space Invaders

I'm not entirely sure what this has to do with lobsters, perhaps it was just that it's wet, perhaps it was just that we got carried away by the whole lobster thing, but Lobster Space Invaders it is.

That's me banging the drum that you can hear.  I said that I should have been Ms Beats in Strontium Goat, but here was another opportunity to show off my drumming talent.  Though you will no doubt have noticed the complete absence of paradiddles.  Or indeed of any talent.

We did have some trouble getting all of those water balloons filled and this year I have deputised young Ted to do the job, but I think I will need to keep an eye on him from a distance or otherwise I suspect that a great many of them won't make it to the game.  I'm not sure whether he shoud be allowed to take part given that last year he started to throw the unbroken bombs back.  Completely alien to the spirit of the thing! (alien...see what I did there?)

If you take part you will be allocated a team poncho at random.


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