Sunday 29 April 2012


Well, we had our Fforganiser meeting yesterday and all is going very well.  We had a very wet journey down there.  It's a good job we didn't go today though because I drove past the spot where I normally meet Elizabeth (we take turns at driving down to Swindon) and the road was closed because of flooding.  Terrible this drought isn't it? 

Anyway we had a jolly time eating cheese and marmite paninis and inventing inteesting facts about dodos.  They are to be the new face of Crusty Cards - this year we will have the dodo deck.

I saw the lobster badges that are going in the welcome pack... they are fabulous.  I also saw the photo of me which is to go in the programme, which is markedly less so

I told you it was tough being a Fforganiser

Friday 27 April 2012

Danger money

I hope you all appreciate the sacrifices I make and the risks I take in fforganising.  I was printing some pictures for the 'Getting to Know You'/Codebreaker game when I gave myself a very nasty paper cut.  I will be claiming danger money.

Anyway, we have a Fforganiser meeting tomorrow when we get together to reassure ourselves that everything is in hand... or not. 

I'm sure the Chronoguard have been interfering in things, because it's just amazing how one minute the Ffiesta is ages away and then before you know it I only have half an hour to sort all my bits out, do the quiz questions, make up some rules for the games and look out my costume for Legion of the Danvers.  I probably won't need a wig this year, because I shall be completely grey by June. 

But worry not amigos, it'll all be alright on the night, and if not a bit of chaos will add to the ffun. 

In any case I will just pretend that all is going as planned and nobody will know any different.

Monday 16 April 2012

Breathes there the man with soul so dead...

...who never to himself hath said 'This is my own, my native land'...?

Well, those of you coming to the Ffiesta this year will be citizens of the Ununited Kingdoms for the weekend. Most of the Fforganisers will be taking charge of a country for the duration and you'll all be randomly assigned to one or the other. 

Did I say randomly?  I meant of course that we have a complicated algorithm which combines psychological profiling, data on income and information on physical characteristics to allocate you to the Kingdom which best suits your personality. 

Except that that might mean that there would be an awful lot of you who found yourselves subjects of Kent, beer capital of the UUK, so you might not all get the perfect match.

Anyway the Kingdoms will be competing against each other in certain events where teams are required, such as Lobster Space Invaders. We'll be keeping score and there will be a prize for the winning team.  I think, if we get round to organising it.  Although it may just be something like the marshmallows rescued from 'Feed the Dodo' or left over battenburg.  That'll encourage a bit of healthy competition won't it?

Thursday 12 April 2012

A tear in the fabric of space/time...

...or the wormhole under the stairs.

Well, that's the only way I can explain it. 

For some time now my ffellow fforganisers and I have been trying to track down some Ffiesta bags that we had printed last year.  At every meeting recently I have denied knowing what had happened to them.

Well today I was seeking out some other Ffiesta merchandise to send out when what should I come across in the cupboard under the stairs (Clue: NOT Harry Potter) but those selfsame bags.  I really can't understand it, because I could swear I'd looked in there at least twice, but there they were. 

So I reckon the Chronoguard have been mucking about in there - there isn't really another explanation (except a pair of Ted's old trainers, which are enough to warp space time or to cause hallucinations and blackouts.  Or at the very least to discourage a thorough search of the area).

So, sorry chaps, I had the bags all along