Sunday, 29 April 2012


Well, we had our Fforganiser meeting yesterday and all is going very well.  We had a very wet journey down there.  It's a good job we didn't go today though because I drove past the spot where I normally meet Elizabeth (we take turns at driving down to Swindon) and the road was closed because of flooding.  Terrible this drought isn't it? 

Anyway we had a jolly time eating cheese and marmite paninis and inventing inteesting facts about dodos.  They are to be the new face of Crusty Cards - this year we will have the dodo deck.

I saw the lobster badges that are going in the welcome pack... they are fabulous.  I also saw the photo of me which is to go in the programme, which is markedly less so

I told you it was tough being a Fforganiser


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