Thursday 24 May 2012

A Clockwork Lobster

In this household you are likely to come across lobsters in the most unlikely places and I'm not convinced that some of them aren't making a dash for freedom at times.  They're all supposed to be neatly packed away but I'm forever finding them about the house.  Of course some of that may be down to Tyke, who seems to have quite an affinity for them.  He found the squirty one when he came to stay the other night and had to have it in his bath, and if I would let him he would adopt Mungo.  In fact I nearly entitled this post 'Five hours of Pingu and a singing lobster', because that was my Sunday!  TJ and Lacey-Mae stayed overnight and I was woken at 6 a.m. by the pair of them pogoing to Mungo and the only way I could distract them was with toast and a Pingu marathon. 

Anyway I dragged the box of lobsters out from under the bed so that I could start labelling them and I'm sure some have gone walkabout.  I know I had a clockwork lobster somewhere because I was quite excited when I bought it (how sad am I?) but do you think I can find him?  No, I can't!  Still he could turn up somewhere... he may be with the teatowels, or just holidaying in another dimension. 


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