Saturday 19 May 2012

Fforward planning

Off to Swindon today for our last Fforganiser meeting beffore the Ffiesta.  It's going to be a ffamily outing because we are rehearsing the Murder Mystery as well as deciding who is going to do what.  I have managed to leave Tyke and the dog behind but we are taking some practice cakes with us - Rissa has been baking.  Of course this means that we might not all make it back again - there may be a Murder Mystery, or at least an accidental poisoning mystery, for real.  (Only joking, her cakes are delicious and she manages to make them look pretty too, which is more than I can do)

I'm sure we're all on top of things, (she says, slightly panicking) and in any case I have the week before the FFiesta off work and I'll be able to get a lot done then - honest!


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