Friday 1 June 2012

Drizzle all weekend?

Well, today's the day we set off for Swindon - quiz tonight and Ffiesta proper starts tomorrow.  So far today I have drizzled a cake and most of my kitchen.  I now need to ice the chocolate almond one, pack, take the dog to my mum and dad's, do some last minute printing, pick up Marissa and the kids and then set off.  If there's anything else I need to do then I've forgotten it and it probably won't get done.  Oh, I do also need to wash and dress which, you will no doubt be relieved to hear, I will do.

This year we are taking two cars as I have added Ted to my insurance for the week.  He's taking our car, packed to the gunwales with Ffiesta stuff and I'm taking Rissa, Tyke and Lacey-Mae plus our suitcases and anything Ted couldn't cram in.  I don't know how we would have managed in just one vehicle, unless it was a pantechnicon, I just didn't realise how much there was to take.  Trying to fit it all in the car was like trying to do some wierd three dimensional puzzle.  Heaven help us if he gets a puncture and we need to empty the car at the side of the motorway to get the spare out!

Anyway I have just looked at the weather forecast for the weekend, and it is not promising.  I just hope it stays dry for Saturday as we don't need the cakes any more drizzled on than they already are.


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