Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dressing Up

It is perfectly possible to come and enjoy the Ffiesta without dressing up at all.  In fact I have done it.  Yes, that frazzled 'hair-all-awry-looks-like-she got-dressed-in-the-dark-from-the-ragbag' look is the genuine me, and not some persona I adopt for the Ffiesta. 

However there is no doubt that for some people the opportunity to dress up in daft costumes amongst like minded folk is a big part of the Ffordian experience.  The Somerset contingent always embrace this opportunity with gusto and not a little flair.  We have had mass Danvering from them before it became quite the done thing and last year's experience of being stared at by a row of generics whilst talking about the casting for 'Hamlet, Prince of Zombies' was quite spooky and more than a bit unnerving. 

Fancy dress, even for the fancy dress gala dinner is always optional and costumes have ranged from the dramatic and elaborate (I know that for the Ffestival we had at least one wedding dress set on fire to ensure an authentic Havisham look) through the almost certainly hot and uncomfortable (a gorilla in a pinafore) to the quite frankly bizarre (cheese smugglers in false moustaches and flasher macs, Isambard Kingdom Bunuel with lobster tie).  Phil's approach has always been quite minimalist... a clerical collar and he thinks he's Joffy, whereas Gill made a fabulous Lola complete with artificial fruit.  Last year we even had Tyke in no costume at all, just a nappy, but full zombie make up!

Anyway, this year I am definitely dressing up, I just need a costume that makes me look fabulous, darling!


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