Monday, 25 April 2011

An egg is not just for Easter...

as I'm sure Humpty would agree.

As I think I've said before not everything that we plan for the Ffiesta actually makes it.  A combination of wildly impractical ideas and too many of them, too little money and time and a certain amount of either incompetence or a belated sense of realism means that sometimes events don't materialise.... though someday we might manage to get the sumo bishops in there somewhere.  Last year for example we had an idea for a game involving lots of plastic eggs.  Even I am not quite certain how it was going to work and anyway it didn't (work I mean)  but I think we still have them somewhere so we may yet find a way to use them. 

Whilst I'm on the subject of incompetence Rory has implied, without saying that I am a witless fool, that the Wonky Wheel of Fruit defaults to pineapple, not watermelon, and without climbing up into the loft, assembling it and giving it a trail run, I think she is probably right, so apologies if I have misled anybody.  Not that it really matters, because my point was simply that it persistently stopped at the same fruit, but if you were thinking 'Watermelon?  The woman has lost her mind, it used to stop on pineapple!'  Then you were right (I think)  (Not that I have lost my mind simply for getting a fruit confused)  (Now I'm woffling (even more than usual) so I shall shut up)


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