Monday, 18 April 2011

Quiz night

This year we will be having a pub quiz in the bar on Friday night, before the Ffiesta starts.  It is not an official part of the weekend, just something to do for those who turn up early (entirely optional)  It won't be Fforde related, though as I am the quizmaster some of the questions are likely to relate to one or more of my current obsessions - so if you want to be sure of a decent score you might like to brush up your knowledge of housing finance reform.  (No, I wouldn't be that cruel)

Each of the other Fforganisers will be heading up a team and there is likely to be some healthy rivalry.  Either that or a fight to the death.  No doubt they will be recruiting people for their teams.

We are intending to allow entry to anybody at the hotel, not just Ffiesta-goers, but Derek has pointed out that on the Friday evening there is a Take That tribute night at the de Vere and I'm not entirely sure that we will be able to entice many of them away from the delights of an ersatz Robbie Williams.  Perhaps if we did another Strontium Goat gig....


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