Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Time trials

Lego.  It seems that practically everybody loves it.  Except Gill who can obviously take it or leave it.  Last year Jasper organised the competitive team lego event.  Two teams and the Taj Mahal, or rather two separate Taj Mahals... 5922 pieces each. (I just had to look that up and the description of the kit reads 'requires assembly'...I rather thought that was the point.  It doesn't say if it contains nuts though, or if you can drive and operate machinery whilst putting it together.... but I digress)

Anyway, Jasper describes the competition elsewhere and rather better than I could, so if you want to read about it you can go to his site.

It was a keenly fought event and we had lots more people wanting to take part than we had space for.  So this year we are doing it all over again, but with Tower Bridge (only 4287 pieces, but that does include a London taxi and a double decker bus) (in lego, not real ones, or that would be a bargain).  Interestingly, according to Amazon, this doesn't require any assembly, so it should be a very short competition.  Assuming however that Amazon is wrong and there is some putting together to be done we will again be recruiting two teams.

This time though we intend to have proper selection criteria for the teams...time trials.  A competition against the clock and each other to build a small model out of lego.  Penalties for faults.  We are counting on you all to play fair.


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