Monday, 20 February 2012


Out shopping the other day I bought a cherry pie as a bit of a treat.  It looked delicious, all golden brown with sugar sprinkled on the top.  Ted was a bit peckish when he got home from work, so he had a piece whilst I was cooking tea.  He ate it with no complaints.  After dinner I sat down with a cup of tea and a slice of pie.  One mouthful and - urgh, it tasted disgusting!  That wasn't sugar on the top, it was salt, and it was not nice!  I'm not sure if my culinary experiments have fried Ted's tastebuds, or if he just inhaled his without tasting it, but when I asked him if he'd noticed anything wrong he just said 'I thought it tasted a bit weird'. 

I took the remainder of the pie back and got a refund.  There had obviously been a problem with a whole batch, because when I was waiting at Customer Services the chap behind the counter just said 'Salty pie?' when he saw what I was carrying and gave me my money back.

It reminded me of Shades of Grey where all sorts of substitutions are made when there are problems with the availabilty of ingredients.  You will no doubt be pleased to know that we are not planning any similar taste sensations for the Ffiesta, although of course one never knows what unlikely sounding combination of foodstuffs will taste good - cheese and pineapple, pork and applesauce, peanut butter and jam (jelly), prunes and bacon, raspberry, papaya and chamomile - oh no, that last one is my shampoo.

Marmite chocolate anybody?


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