Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Da Ffiesta Code

As any of you who are members of the Ffiesta facebook group will know we had our ffirst proper Fforganisers meeting last Saturday, and now I'm getting excited all over again.

We've got loads of exciting things planned, who knows how many of them will come to ffruition, and of those that do, who knows how many will be absolute pants  (none of them, that's how many - they will all be ffab!)

Several of the ffeedback responses said that you would like us to take the 'Getting to Know You' game a bit ffurther and do something in teams so we are planning ...ta-dah! A Team Treasure Hunt!  With codes and ciphers and silly things to do.  I think I'm in danger of getting carried away and organising some mammoth thing (I don't mean  with mammoths, though that's always a possiblility, I just mean something that gets out of hand)  I could do it in several layers, so that clues lead to clues, or just one set of clues leading to the answer.  I don't think it should go on too long, but on the other hand I'd like there to be a bit of variety, which means it needs to be a bit more involved.  I don't want to say too much and spoil it, but I would like to know what people think.  Do you all like codes and ciphers and secret treasure maps?  Or would you rather just go to the bar?  Of course you can go to the bar and work on the clues, so that's the best of both worlds then!

In other news Ted is having great fun playing with the barcode scanning app on his new phone.  So far he has discovered that a spray bottle of Dettox comes up as some sort of iPod accessory costing £4.95 and that a pack of 4 muffins in Asda on special offer for £1, costs ...£1.  Still, even though we are not particularly having a 'Shades of Grey' theme for next year, I'm sure we can do something interesting with bar codes.  And that's not something I often find myself saying!


At 25 August 2011 at 00:12 , Blogger Mary Pierce said...

A BIG yes to the codes and ciphers and secret treasure maps. Love them!! And there's the bar, too. A code in a bar...a bar code. As long as we're on the subject.

Glad you're back blogging again.

At 19 October 2011 at 01:06 , Blogger La viuda que arrebola said...

You say "I could do it in several layers, so that clues lead to clues, or just one set of clues leading to the answer."
I say, this sounds rather like PhPhotoshop, a store I've never been able to find my way around. Sort of like a ffuny IDEA, where kitchen kabinets sit next to bedspreds and pillar cases... no matter how hard you try you cannot enter and exit from the same doordotcom ffile.
I'm new, so I won't introduce myself. Maybe when I'm secondhand (one careful owner).


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