Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Strange story

It seems a bit odd talking about the Dragonslayer series because there has only been one book published so far, though those of us attending the Ffiesta did have reading from the as yet unpublished 'Song of the Quarkbeast' the second volume in a planned trilogy.

Anyway the Dragonslayer books are set in the Ununited Kingdoms.  Here magic still exists, albeit in a much weakened form and hedged about with rules and regulations.  It is used for rather more mundane things than one might expect - pizza delivery, re-wiring houses and unblocking drains for example.

Jennifer Strange, foundling of Our Lady of the Lobster, appears to have her hands full with managing the day to day running of Kazam, following the absence of the Great Zambini.  Kazam is a House of Enchantment employing a number of sorcerers of varying, but much reduced ability.  However Jennifer's life becomes that bit more complicated when she learns she is the Last Dragonslayer - you will no doubt be surprised to hear that this role involves slaying the last dragon, something she is most reluctant to do.

Again, I'm not going to ruin the story for you by recounting the plot, but suffice it to say that with the aid of the Quarkbeast (part labrador, part velociraptor, part food blender) Tiger Prawns (another foundling, newly indentured to Kazam) and a supporting cast including the sorcerers and William of Anorak, (who is, well, a bit of an anorak)  Jennifer fulfils her destiny and outwits those who seek to benefit from the death of Maltcassion (the last dragon).

Although enjoyed by adults (well by me anyway) Dragonslayer is billed as YA fiction and is probably an easy way in to Jasper's work if you want to try it out.  Go on, you know you want to


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