Thursday, 16 February 2012

Psycho biscuits! ***WARNING*** contains Fourth bear Spoiler

We had the 'biscuit or cake' discussion at work recently, which led into a digression about the difference between biscuit tins and cake tins.  We decided that this is simply that cake tins are used for keeping cakes in, whereas the common or garden biscuit tin is used for the containment of biscuits and jaffa cakes.  

I was able to insert a reference to 'The Fourth Bear' into the discussion by pointing out that the difference between cakes and biscuits is an important plot point.  Although I do feel that, cake or biscuit, the Gingerbread Man was always going to turn soggy and disintegrate under the full force of the fire sprinklers.

Anyway Tyke has developed quite a fondness for Gingerbread men, despite the fact (or perhaps because) everytime I buy him one I chase him down the arcade with it yelling 'Psycho biscuit!' and he runs away giggling.

I rather fear that in years to come he will find me an embarrassing grandma.  Mind you, I don't think that that's as embarrassing as my dad making me and my brother and sister line up outside the bakers, with out noses pressed to the window, and instructions to 'Look hungry and a bit pathetic, maybe they'll take pity on you and give you free cakes' every time he went into that same bakers when we were little.  Fortunately bought cakes were a very occasional treat in our house when I was small, as my mum is a super cake maker and we usually had delicious home made ones instead.  Otherwise I think we might have been taken into care for vagrancy and begging!  Mind you this is the all the same bakers as the one where my ex husband worked until he ran off with the shop manageress, so I think they might have a very distorted view of me anyway, so chasing a small child whilst brandishing a biscuit is probably considered merely slighly odd.

Tyke and I have also taken to practicing our biscuit making in preparation for the Ffiesta, something else to which he has taken with great enthusiasm.  Just a small tip, if you are offered a gingerbread man/lobster/transient moose/dragon at the Ffiesta, I'd stay away from those with a slight marbling of grime (goodness knows where that comes from, I'm scrupulous about making him wash his hands) or those which have been 'pre-tasted'!


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