Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spot the Fforganiser

The Fforganiser T shirts arrived today whilst I was at work.  Fortuitously Marissa was here, having popped in to scrounge something.  I sometimes think that she sees my house as a kind of shop where you don't have to use money (only joking, she's a good girl really).  Anyway, it was lucky she was here, otherwise it would've meant a trip to the wilds of the industrial estate only to be told to come back tomorrow with three forms of ID and a note from my mum.

I've had a quick check to make sure that they are all present and correct (not quite, there are still a couple to come as the suppliers were out of XXL size, but I was pre-warned about this and I have been promised that they will be here in plenty of time)

We have orange for the regular fforganiser shirts and green for the murder mystery and they are very bright.  You won't have any problem in tracking one of us down, I promise you - they may even glow in the dark!  We had fun picking the quotes again and I think they are very suitable.

Ooh, I'm getting all excited now!


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