Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Meet the Fforganisers Part 1 - Phil

It is Phil you have to blame for the Ffiesta.  The first time I met him (and also Gill incidentally) was at the first ever public performance of Jasper's work (I know that because I have a signed flyer from him saying exactly that) - Richard III at the Beehive, 

Phil and I had 'met' on line previously and arranged to meet up in person.  When I got there he was busy chatting up a journalist and was laying out his plans for a Ffordian event to top all others.  He refused to call it a convention though. 

Anyway we had a top evening, but I heard no more about this idea for some months - although we did get a (quite flattering) mention in the Times weekend magazine supplement - I think I was described as 'shy, highly articulate' - and much younger than I was.  Entirely accurate characterisation I'm sure you will agree!  (For some reason my friends fall about laughing at the 'shy' bit)  Some time later the idea did resurface on the Fforde Fforum though and the rest is history.

Anyway, Phil.... ( I think I should say here that I asked the other Fforganisers to provide some biographical detail about themselves, threatening that if they didn't I would make it up.  Some or all of this may not be true)

Phil's fforum name, for those of you who frequent the place, is Ptolemy, named after a tortoise.  He is a stalwart of his village cricket club and was very helpful to me once in working out a cricket related puzzle.  He enjoys psychedelic music and organises musical tea parties.

Phil has a lovely, long-suffering wife and two grown up children,  He keeps hens and has a very cute dog.

In his younger years Phil was taught to knit by the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

When you see him at the Ffiesta come up and chat.  He doesn't bite (that last bit really is true)


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