Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Meet the Fforganisers Part 2 - Gill

Whenever I meet Gill I am always surprised that she is not wearing her knickers over her trousers as she is some kind of Superwoman.  In fact, if I didn't like her so much, I'd be scared.  She is spookily efficient and practically runs the Ffiesta.  She certainly keeps us all organised.  This is so far from my usual modus operandi of procrastination and barely concealed panic as to make us seem like different species. She is another of the original Fforganisers, was there at The Beehive and has been there ever since.

She lives in Chippenham with her husband and two daughters and works in the Wiltshire County Archives.  She keeps a mummified cat at work and two living breathing cats at home. 

She is very talented and crafty (in the sense that she makes things, not that she is sly) and all of the crotched dodos were her work. 

Gill also plays the spoons and can recite the alphabet backwards in Spanish.


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