Monday, 4 April 2011

Whose stupid idea was THAT?!

Sometimes things we plan for the Ffiesta just don't work.  The prime example of this was the magic roundabout game we had last year.    Jasper originally made the suggestion in one of our meetings that it would be good to have a game based on the Magic Roundabout involving one participant in a blindfold being guided round by another person shouting directions, somebody else suggested doing it on spacehoppers and it all took off from there.  I have to admit that it sounded hilarous when we were talking about it and we all thought it would be great fun.

And it just...wasn't.  It was too hard.  Do you have any idea of how physically exhausting it is to bounce around around six paddling pools filled with plastic balls - and how disorientating it is when blindfolded? Well, of course some of you do, because you did, but it was a bit of a disaster really.  It was generally too slow to watch so the spectators got bored and wandered off, and people fell off or just got fed up.  Anyway we won't be doing that again, though on the plus side the winners, Ine and Yvonne, completed the course in spectacular style and a time hours faster than anybody else.

On the other hand sometimes events are far more popular than we anticipate, and these are often just little sidelines -  extreme knitting for example and throwing paper airplanes, which seem to keep people amused for hours.

We still have lots of ideas though, not all of which we have managed to shoe-horn into the weekend - sumo bishop wrestling anybody?


At 5 April 2011 at 18:02 , Blogger Lycanthra said...

Ah yes, but it did look awfully good on paper, funily enough I was looking at sumo suits the other day and thinking on how we can work the wrestling bishops in


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