Sunday, 8 May 2011

Going, going on and on...

I know I've neglected this blog lately, but I have had an excuse, honestly.  I've just written twelve and a half thousand words on HRA reform, and that's enough to drive anybody batty.  Just another fifteen hundred to do, so writing drivel about the Ffiesta preparations will come as light relief.  And I'm not going to write lots today, just about lots (ha ha)

Each time we have had the Ffiesta we have run an auction.  At the Ffestival this went on rather longer than we anticipated and it was as well to move every now and then otherwise you were likely to find yourself auctioned off!  There wasn't much that didn't get sold - a small babybel cheese went for 'Two of your english pounds' and some of Jasper's home produced roadsigns (Dodos crossing) caused a bidding war.  We had only intended to defray expenses but in the end we were able to make a substantial donation to charity.

At the first Ffiesta we had some very generous donations including a signed Pratchett (book, not a replica author) and another bidding war for the signed draft chapter of 'Shades of Grey' that Jasper had read earlier.  Research into Alzheimer's is a charity very close to some of our hearts, and particularly given the Pratchett connection, it seemed appropriate to make that our chosen charity for the year.

Last year, among the other lots, we sold off one of the lego Taj Mahals that had been used for the competition,  and a lobster, but I can't remember its name.

This year, in an attempt to keep things from going on too long, we are posting a list of lots, so you will be able to take a note of the things that interest you and be ready to make a bid... I don't know what's in there yet, but I believe that the talented Mrs Neal is making a dragon... anyway, all will be revealed in due course.

Now I'm going, going....gone


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