Sunday, 22 May 2011

Panic Stations

Not really panicking, but the FFiesta is approaching awfully fast.

Rissa helped me label a lot of the lobsters today, so that's one job pretty well done, and then I tried to print out some of the 'Getting to Know You' game sheets.  For some reason the printer is playing up, and it is glacially slow.  It took almost two hours to print out about forty sheets, so I have given up for now and will try again tomorrow.  The scanner and photocopier bit seems to be working, so at a pinch I can print off one copy of everything I need and then photocopy the rest, but it's a bit of a faff doing it that way.  I've got the Treasure Hunt sheets to do as well, and some things for the quiz - the marathon round and some answer sheets, though the latter are not essential - you can always write the answers on blank bits of paper.

On the bright side I am now the proud owner of a Danvers wig, though on the not-so-bright side it's a bit small (I must have a big head) and you can see my natural hair line at the sides, so it does look a bit... artificial.  Though looking authentic as a Danversclone is not de rigeur.  At least I don't have a full beard.

Actually, I'm surprised I haven't gone naturally grey over night, but that would be taking dedication a step too far!


At 23 May 2011 at 22:08 , Blogger Ellie said...

I used talc last year on my hair - took ages to get out but it did make my hair really soft so swings and roundabouts...


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