Friday, 20 May 2011


Last time I ordered a pair of shoes by mail order I found a small packet of Haribo tucked in the packaging.  Not that I got to eat any of them because Ted snaffled them straight away, but it all adds to the excitement of receiving a parcel.  It's always fun receiving packages through the post, even when I know they're not really for me.

I had a card through my door last night when I got home from work, telling me that they had tried to deliver a packet but nobody was home.  Instead of leaving it in the wheelie bin or with my rather strange neighbour as they usually do, I have to go and collect it.  I need to take two forms of ID with me including my passport or driving licence and a bank statement, plus the tracking card.  It all seems a bit over the top to me, and I told the chap so when I went to collect it tonight...

' I can't imagine anybody would try to impersonate me' I said quite breezily 'in order to pick up a parcel containing three dozen plastic lobsters'.  He looked at me quite strangely but was very polite. 

Anyway, the package wasn't at the depot because they'd tried to deliver it again today and the driver had got lost because he was a replacement for the regular chap who is off sick.  I could have waited about 45 minutes for him to make it back to base, or I can collect it tomorrow, so tomorrow it is. I'm sure it must be the lobsters, because the plane kits have already arrived and I haven't ordered anything else, but I suppose somebody could have sent me a present..


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