Saturday, 21 May 2011

Quiz Night revisited

I have just got back from a quiz night.  We won (of course ;D) but it was a bit strange - the one at the Ffiesta will be MUCH better.

First off our team was organised by my mate Pete.  If you knew him you would guess that that was a bad idea from the start.  He rang me up the other day and asked if I wanted to go.  I told him not really, as I had loads of things to do (see previous blog posts).  Then he rang up last night to check the arrangements and when I said that I wasn't going he said that that was a shame as he'd bought the tickets and he needed a lift!  So of course, being a mug I ended up going, and taking him.  He had also told me it started at 7:30 when it stated quite clearly on the tickets that it was a 7 pm start.  This didn't faze him at all... he didn't mention the start time 'til we turned up late.  In fact he made me take a detour to the Offie to buy booze.  And then all he said, very vaguely was 'Oh, yes 7 o'clock!'

Well we did get there when they were just starting the second round, only to be told off by the grumpiest quizmaster I have ever come across.  I will be a pleasure in comparison!  Tony, another member of the team (luckily everybody else had got there on time) said that he thought we were going to be sent to sit at the back without any supper.

This chap fair rattled through the questions - you weren't allowed to ask him to repeat them and if it weren't for the supper break then we would have been finished by half eight.  There were only 5 questions to each round, eight rounds but about 70 possible answers to the marathon, so it was very unbalanced.  Also the marathon was all about Christian Aid, which is quite a specialist subject - perhaps I could do a round on Housing Finance after all.

Anyway, despite all that it was good fun, and we did win.... a bottle of wine between 6  of us!  We had a miniature draw to decide who should take it home and Ted won.  Which as he is too young to drink means that it became mine by default!  You will be pleased to learn that there is a bottle of wine each for the members of the winning team at the Ffiesta pub quiz.

All in all I think I learned a few lessons about how not to run as quiz, so I shall count it as useful research.  However it does mean that yet again my Ffiesta prep has been postponed.  I shall be laminating at midnight on Thursday at this rate!


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