Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Next Factor

or, as it is listed in the programme, 'Swindon's Got Talent'

Do you have a talent?  it is one that will amuse and entertain?  is it one that will amuse and entertain and can be seen in public?

In that case it may be that SGT is the show for you!  A panel of internationally known judges (well, apparently I'm on it and I know that this blog is read all across the world, so that qualifies, and Phil once had a French penfriend, and Gill knows somebody in America,  and we all know Laura, and she's from Wales, and she knows us, so no false advertising here.  Oh, and Jasper's on it and he really is known internationally... anyway I digress (big surprise there, eh?)) Frankie Saveloy as compere and your very talented selves.  Should be interesting.

We are looking forward to seeing everybodys' party piece. so polish up your little recitation, practice your scales, learn the words and come and show us what you can do.  I'm looking forward to it and you never know you may be the next Susan Boyle.. Fame awaits!


At 16 May 2011 at 08:40 , Anonymous Peter Green said...

Advance notice. Jasper returns to his spiritual home, The Beehive, Swindon, on Tuesday evening 5 July for a joint event with Malcolm Pryce - 'Aberstwyth Noir' - questions on fictional realities - Swindon and the Welsh Riviera - and fancy dress competitions.


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