Monday, 6 June 2011

Next time in Swindon...

So the Ffiesta is over for another year, and I have just about recovered.   I think it went well....
Work has already started on the next one.  Mrs Neal is busy collecting your feedback - which we really are interested in, so we can see what people enjoyed and what they didn't, Matt is setting up the new website and I am back to sharing my bedroom with a crateful of plastic lobsters.  I have already started writing next years quiz.  What that means is that I have written a few questions and jotted down some ideas which, lulled into a false sense of security I shall then put away and forget until two days before the next Ffiesta when I shall scrabble around trying to find it and frantically write the rest.

I am getting pretty good at reciting the soliloquy though.  I am trying to teach it to Tyke, who thinks it is hilariously funny to hear me declaim 'To be or not to be' with great feeling ( I am going for accuracy before I start on the speed!)


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