Sunday, 29 May 2011

What a way to spend a weekend!

Here I am, hiding in the bathroom waiting for Tyke to fall asleep.  He is completely knackered, but doesn't want to miss anything, and if he can see me he won't lie down.  Two floors below me tension is mounting in the speed lego challenge.  I'm not sure who is ahead, but it likely to be a close run thing and may well be decided on penalties.  We have postponed the Panto for an hour because some of the performers are involved in the Lego, and I'm not sure that a Midsummer Nights Dream will be quite the same without Mrs Danvers and the Minotaur!  Oh, wait, maybe it will be... but it won't be entirely in the spirit of the Ffiesta. (Actually Mrs Danvers isn't in the Lego, I think she is off practising her custard pie technique) 

Anybody who gets spattered with custard pie in the Panto needn't worry too much, Lobster Space Invaders starts shortly afterwards and that'll wash it all off!

After that I'm taking a rest before channelling Mother Zenobia for the Gala Dinner/Fancy Dress/Next Factor!


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