Monday, 7 May 2012


I've been buying quite a few things for the Ffiesta lately.  Most of these are fairly normal when bought in moderation, but I do wonder what the lady in the Pound Shop thought when I arrived at the checkout with six dozen false moustaches.  And if you are also wondering what I want with all that fake facial hair you'll just have to wait and see.

I've also bought a lot of laminating pouches and numerous boxes of matches there.  Then there's the blank jigsaw puzzles and quite a few lobsters of various descriptions (those haven't been from the Pound Shop - most of the lobsters have been ones I've come across by accident and have seized with cries of glee!)

I've also sent away for biscuit cutters - a moose, a lobster, a dragon and an egg, and I'm awaiting delivery of all the fforganiser t shirts.  It'll be quite exciting getting all these parcels but it does mean that yet again I'll have quite a bizarre carload when I set off for Swindon... and that's just Ted! 


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