Monday, 23 May 2011


I've had a bit of a stressful day today.  My dad phoned me at quarter to six this morning, to ask me if I'd just phoned him., I didn't, I was asleep.  Of course after that I was wide awake, but instead of doing something useful I frittered away the time before I had to get up. 

This afternoon I took some of my team out for tea, only to discover that I had left my debit card in my other handbag.  'No problem' I thought, 'I'll use a credit card'... Declined!  'Must have keyed in my PIN wrong' I thought.  Nope, declined again.  Then I noticed it had expired at the end of March, though I could have sworn I've used it since.  I had to borrow a tenner from Vindy, in order to buy her a drink.  Let that be a warning to you, if ever I invite you out for a bevvy, decline.  Or bring plenty of money.

When I eventually did get home I felt rather frazzled, so I've been doing some laminating.  I always find it rather soothing, and now I have some nice shiny things for the Ffiesta.  Gill meanwhile has apparently been communing with dodos.


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