Friday, 27 May 2011

No more sleeps...

 ..before we set off for Swindon.  I do hope I don't forget anything, but I'm sure we'll just muddle through anyway.

I can't (and probably shouldn't) tell you how close run a thing it has been getting everything ready on time.  Some of this is due to my usual talent for procrastination, but I have had a series of minor domestic disasters, including visits to A&E, which have caused even further delays.  And of course having a dissertation to write in the middle of all the preparation wasn't too helpful either.   I nearly went into a full blown panic last night over the laminator.  My darling daughter put one of the pouches in backwards and I think we can all guess how well that turned out.... one very gummed up and completely borked machine.  I nipped out to buy a new one and it ate the second thing we put through it.  And no, she hadn't put the thing in the wrong way again (I checked).  I did get it exchanged, but it isn't brilliant, lots of things have come out a bit wavy!

Anyway, it's all done now, or if it isn't if probably won't be, unless Mrs Neal can wrestle triumph from disaster and knock up a map of the world from two bits of string, a discarded egg carton and some glitter glue.  She probably could if needs be.  She tells me she has been crocheting strawberry earrings for Lola - who is making a special guest appearance in 'Name that Fruit' and will be spinning that wonky wheel!

I think Laura is bringing the eternal flame on the bus... not sure if that's better or worse than having to transport George Formby.

I now have to drop the dog off at my parents, pack the car and get Ted out of bed on his day off, so I'd better get moving.

We start with the Quiz in what was the Avon Suite tonight and the Ffiesta proper kicks off tomorrow with registration.  Bus tours and other exciting events throughout the day.

Woo hoo!


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