Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ffiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta!!

Well, we're here, time to see if all our hard work pays off! 

We held the Publess Quiz last night and it seemed to go down very well, despite a wrangle over the Tour de France.  Don't people listen when I tell them I am always right?  Congratulations to 'Don't hit badgers with spoons', who were, as was pointed out to me many times, 'the largest team in the room'.  Never mind, they still only got six bottles of wine between them and the rest of you  did get Haribo!  To be honest it was a bit of a shame that the teams were so large and that there were so few of them, but that was dictated by the layout of the room.  We should have got the chainsaw out and cut some of those tables in half.  I am sure Mrs Neal will have brought one with her!

Just before the Quiz started we were interviewed by a reporter for the local paper.  Photos were taken of various fforgansiers with lobsters, dodos and George Formby.  Poor chap (reporter, not George Formby) was more than a little bemused.  He held on to the notion of the quiz like a teenager clings to their mobile phone.  Every time we suggested a different prop he asked rather plaintively 'Is it to do with the Quiz?'  I suspect that the photo that shows up will have a one of the jokers (and no, I don't mean Phil!) featured prominently.

Anyway I'm off soon to help set up, and to plant the lobsters about the hotel.

For those of you actually here at the Ffiesta the 'Meet the Fforganiser' posts from this blog will be displayed and you can win a Crusty Card by picking out all the fabrications (and only the fabrications).  And if you are here, come and say hello - I'll see you at registration/the opening ceremony.


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