Friday, 4 May 2012


I was walking down the town in my lunch hour when what should I spot in the charity shop window but a large stuffed toy lobster, complete with chef's hat and bib.  The poor thing was posed next to a cook book, which I rather felt was cruel and unusual punishment, but still..

'Oooh!' I said, 'Is that a lobster?  I've got to have it.'  My boss, who was with me, looked at me a little warily and said 'Is that for the Ffiesta?' and just nodded resignedly when I said it was.  Anyway I went into the shop to purchase said lobster and the rather jolly lady behind the counter fetched it out of the window for me.  It was then that I discovered, to my delight, that it isn't just any old stuffed lobster, it is an all singing, all dancing stuffed lobster!  As she brought it to the counter she pressed a little button on his tail (conveniently marked 'Press here') and he burst into song.  He does a splendid rendition of Mungo Jerry's 'In the Summertime' whilst demonstrating the 'Claw' manoevre from Lobster Space Invaders and doing a little shimmy.  He is just the coolest thing you have ever seen* and he only cost me £3.50 - easily the bargain of the year.

The jolly lady did a little dance round the shop with him before putting him in the bag and several of the other customers laughed and came to admire him.  His name, for obvious reasons, is Mungo and all Ffiesta attendees will have the opportunity to meet him.

*for a given value of cool


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